Our mission is to provide opportunities for people outside of Japan to learn about Japanese folk houses and traditional building methods and to participate in the preservation and reconstruction of these extraordinary structures for the sake of future generations.
The word kominka translates to ‘old folk house’ in English, and these beautiful structures are characterized by traditional Japanese timber framing using broad beams and posts and a rustic yet elegant beauty.
We are very proud of the world-class craftsmanship with which kominka were designed and built. Nowadays, however, many traditional old houses are being torn down and incinerated. This is an immeasurable loss, and it is our mission to protect, preserve, and reconstruct Japanese folk houses for the sake of future generations.
We have established the Japan Kominka Association US Office with the aim of providing opportunities for people in the United States and beyond to learn about old folk houses, develop traditional carpentry skills, and participate in the preservation of these extraordinary structures.
We warmly invite our friends everywhere to join us in this important work.